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03 May 2022 Industry News Gulf in share option grants eclipses traditional gender pay gap, study finds A study * by Boodle Hatfield, a leading law firm, suggests that twice as many men as women are granted options in company shares. ... read more
29 Apr 2022 Tips and tricks Incentive schemes – good for individuals, less so for teams At Boodle Hatfield we often help clients introduce incentive schemes for their employees (and indeed I am implementing one today). ... read more
07 Mar 2022 Tips and tricks Commercial Contracts – Six questions to ask yourself when limiting liability At Boodle Hatfield we deal with a whole range of commercial contracts. Regardless of whether it’s a contract for the sale of furniture or the supply of software, however, the most crucial clauses are often those where the parties attempt ... read more
07 Feb 2022 Industry News How crypto is transforming the real estate market I suspect I am not the only one who is highly suspicious of crypto and is keeping my hard earned savings far away from Bitcoin, Dogecoin and NFTs.   ... read more
02 Dec 2021 Industry News Are family offices the new rival for funding start-ups? When people think about who funds a start-up until recently, that thought would have often been ‘”Venture Capitalists”. We are seeing an increasing interest in VC style investments from amongst groups like family offices t... read more
26 Nov 2021 Tips and tricks Six things to understand before selling to Private Equity Selling a stake in your business to fund growth? Or perhaps your exit route is to sell outright to a Private Equity firm? Either way it pays to approach it in the right way. Read these six things you should understand before embarking on th... read more
03 Nov 2021 Industry News Legislation The Budget – Starting up the Engine for Start Ups, Entrepreneurs and Innovators? Reactions and opinions on Rishi Sunak’s autumn budget of this year are mixed and the jury is still out on exactly how effective it will be. Regardless, it did contain some good news for small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneu... read more
18 Oct 2021 Is the UK too ‘stuffy’ for tech? In a speech last month, Nadine Dorries, the new minister for digital, culture, media & sport, noted that amongst tech entrepreneurs, the UK can still be seen as a bit “stuffy”. The minister’s words echo the comments of... read more
28 Sep 2021 Flex Space – a view on market consolidation (and six things to think about on the legal side) What is the best way to enable employees to book spaces in an office? How do employees find the perfect ... read more
07 Sep 2021 Industry News Only a handful of EU citizens take up UK tech visa According to figures produced by Tech Nation (one of the bodies that runs the scheme) only a handful of EU citizens have taken up the Global Talent Visa since it was made available to them in January. The visa is aimed at leaders or potenti... read more
04 Aug 2021 Ethics and sustainability ESG – Easy as a B-Corp? It’s interesting to see that B Corps are really beginning to hit the big time, with firms such as Coutts & Co announcing that they too have obtained the certification. ... read more
21 Jul 2021 Industry News £375m Future Fund: Breakthrough scheme open for applications The Government opened the £375m Future Fund: Breakthrough programme for applications yesterday. Under the scheme the Government will invest directly in companies alongside private investors. ... read more